We believe an integrated team approach to health care will result in the best possible care plan for you. 

The highly-specialised and dedicated multidisciplinary team at MBU provide a diagnostic, treatment and support service for women (and men) with breast concerns. Working in conjunction with Breast Imaging Victoria, a private radiology service, breast surgeons Dr Suzanne Neil and Dr Su-Wen Loh provide a comprehensive (inpatient and outpatient) breast care service. Complementing the team is medical oncologist Dr Yen Tran, radiation oncologists Dr Andrew See and Dr Bronwyn King, together with experienced breast care nurses, radiologists, pathologists and psychologists.

The Clinic is uniquely designed to ensure that all necessary diagnostic procedures can be performed onsite, in one convenient, comfortable and private location. Most patients will have results of their assessments and a treatment plan before they leave the Clinic.

The team at MBU provide a comfortable and professional environment for patients and are committed to ensuring a positive and stress-free experience. They are able to provide a wide array of information including DVDs; connections to support services; answer questions; and refer to other medical professionals, as appropriate.

Our goal is to provide a world-class breast care service and to guide our patients appropriately. Our priority is patient wellbeing.